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Slip and fall accidents may be common, however, that does not diminish the severe impact that a slip and fall accident can have on your health. Broken bones, cuts, lacerations, spinal cord damage, and brain trauma can result from even a seemingly minor fall. While it may feel as though it was "just an accident," there are cases in which someone should be held responsible for your injuries.

At the Law Office of Tyler Rody, we help individuals like you recover compensation for their injuries. Whether you slipped on a wet surface at a grocery store, or tripped on cracked pavement in a parking lot, our team is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

How Common Are Slip And Fall Accidents? 

If you’ve been a victim of a slip and fall, you’re not alone as they are very common. According to the National Floor and Safety Institute, falls account for over eight million emergency room visits every year and are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims in the United States. Slip and fall accidents happen in other places as well. Grocery stores, parking lots, shopping centers, malls, apartment complexes, and professional buildings are all locations in which a spill, cracked pavement, or torn carpet can lead to an injury.

What Happens If A Slip and Fall Occurs At Work? 

Slips and falls are the leading cause of most workers’ compensation claims in the United States. Report your injury immediately and seek medical attention if you've been injured at work. If for any reason you feel as though your place of employment is not taking the steps necessary to provide compensation for your injuries. It’s important that you seek the help of an experienced attorney that can fight for you so you can focus on healing. 

If you have suffered an injury due to a slip and fall and want to make a claim in order to receive compensation, make sure that the claim gets made within three years of the accident. Waiting longer to make a claim can result in a lower payout or an altogether dismissed claim.

Who Is Responsible In A South Carolina Slip and Fall Accident? 

When you are hurt due to a slip and fall, the owner of the property on which the accident occurred is potentially responsible, or liable, for your injuries. However, just because you were injured on someone else's property does not automatically mean they were at fault and can be held financially responsible for your injuries. To have a valid slip and fall claim, you must be able to prove the following:

  • The property owner owed you a duty of care: You must be able to show that the person you are suing owned, controlled or operated the premises that you were injured on.
  • There was a dangerous condition: You must also be able to prove that there was a dangerous condition that caused you to slip or trip.
  • The defendant had notice of the dangerous condition: In addition, the defendant must have known or should have known with resonable inspection about the dangerous condition.
  • You suffered damages: Even if all of the above conditions are met, you must also be able to prove that you suffered injuries as a result of the accident.

Common Injuries Associated With Slip And Falls

While some minor slips and falls leave you with only a few cuts and bruises, some might leave you in serious medical turmoil. Below are just some of the serious slip and fall injuries that can occur:

  • Injuries requiring surgery 
  • Injuries requiring serious medical care
  • Bone fractures 
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Broken vertebrae 
  • Head injuries

Dealing with any of these injuries won’t just put a financial strain on you and your family, but they can even cause emotional damage. Make sure that you seek medical attention after any slip and fall and keep a record of your doctor visits. 

What Damages Can You Claim From A Slip And Fall?

Being involved in a slip and fall accident can leave you seriously injured or permanently disabled. If you have fallen as a result of unsafe conditions, you could be entitled to compensation. Here are some types of damages you might be able to claim as a result of a slip and fall: 

  • Economic: Medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages are just a few examples of how your economic well-being could be affected due to a slip and fall. Receiving the proper compensation to help you recover is imperative to getting you and your family back to normal after an accident. 
  • Non-economic: After being injured in a slip and fall accident, you might not think about the ways that the non-economic damages might affect your quality of life. If you find yourself missing out on things that you enjoy because of your accident or you’ve incurred pain and suffering that have made you lose your love of life, you can be entitled to compensation. 

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