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Dogs are typically gentle creatures, but now and then you might come across one who has aggressive tendencies. When a dog bites, it can lead to serious injury. While a minor snip may not warrant legal action, some dog bites can lead to emergency medical care, permanent scarring, disfigurement, and emotional trauma.

In South Carolina, you can seek compensation for your dog bite injuries. However, South Carolina does not abide by the so call "one-bite" rule where every dog gets one bite before the owner can be held responsible. Instead, our state follows strict liability rules. This means that if an attack occurs in a public space or in a lawfully entered private space and the victim did not provoke the dog, the owner is liable. To put it simply, if you’ve been bitten by a dog, South Carolina law is on your side. 

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What To Do After A Dog Attack in South Carolina

Being attacked by a dog can be a very traumatic experience. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a dog attack, the process of seeking the right compensation might feel overwhelming. Turn to the Law Office of Tyler Rody to help support you during your recovery and let him dedicate serious attention to this serious matter. 

When you’ve been attacked by a dog, make sure you seek medical attention right away. During this process, you will want to document your visits and any costs that might incur due to the injuries you sustained. If your doctor prescribes follow up visits and further medical treatment, be sure to follow their treatment plan. Save and present all documentation, receipts, and prescriptions to your attorney so that they can be used to build your case against the defendant. 

What Damages Can You Recover After A Dog Attack in South Carolina?

While not every dog bite is serious, some things might happen in the days following the accident that have a negative impact on your life and overall well being. 

  • Medical Expenses: Dog bites can cause severe scarring and disfigurement. Emergency medical treatment and follow-up visits can lead to costly medical bills, prescription medication, and other health-related costs. A dog bite claim can help you recover compensation for your expenses.
  • Loss of wages: Your dog bite might be serious enough that it might cause you to miss work. In this case, you are losing out on income that could be crucial in supporting yourself and your family.
  • Pain and Suffering: A dog bite can cause emotional and psychological trauma. While these injuries are more difficult to calculate, the Law Office of Tyler Rody works hard to assign a value to each one.

Things You Can Do To Support Your Dog Bite Accident Claim 

After being involved in a dog bite incident, it might be hard to gather your thoughts and properly assess the situation. However, if you or a loved one is attacked by a dog it’s important that you gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim. Some things that you should include in your case are: 

  • Photos of your injuries
  • Documentation that you have sought out medical attention 
  • Contact information for the dog owner
  • Witness statements if possible
  • A video of the attack, if possible

Any number of the aforementioned might help you receive a higher payout for your claim. Always make sure that you collect the most amount of documentation before leaving the scene of an accident that has resulted in injury.

Instances Where You Cannot Seek Compensation For A Dog Bite in South Carolina

While South Carolina law is mostly on the victim’s side when it comes to dog bites, there are two exceptions. The first one says that if you have harassed or provoked the dog in any way and the dog bites you, you may not be able to claim anything with your insurance. Secondly, if you are attacked by a police dog, you might also be out of luck when it comes to filing an insurance claim. 

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Dog bite injuries should not be taken lightly. If you have experienced a dog bite that required medical attention, you should speak with an attorney about your injuries. There is a limited time in which you can file a dog bite claim. The sooner your attorney can begin working on your case, the better. In most cases, the dog owner's homeowner's insurance policy can be used to compensate you for your losses. To learn more about your rights to compensation, contact our office today. The consultation is free, and you will not pay unless we win.

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