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Car Accident Prevention & Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

While not every car accident is avoidable, there are things that your teenager can do to stay safe on the roads. Learn more about car accident prevention safety tips from Spartanburg personal injury attorney, Tyler Rody.

April 5, 2023

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that car accidents are among the leading causes of teen deaths in the United States. Approximately 3,000 teens aged between 16 and 19 were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2019. In addition, nearly 305,000 sought emergency treatment for injuries sustained in these accidents. While not every accident is avoidable, there are things that your teenager can do to stay safe on the roads. 

  • Obey Traffic Rules: As new drivers, it's easy for teenagers to overlook or forget important traffic rules meant to keep them safe on the road. It's important to educate your teen driver on the rules of the road so that following them becomes second nature. It's also important to convey the rules' importance since not following them can lead to serious injury or even death. 
  • Avoid Distractions: Teen drivers might get distracted on the road in multiple ways, but cell phone usage is one of the most common distractions. It's important to explain to your teenager that minimizing distractions, like not being on their phones while driving, can make a huge difference in their safety. Other distractions can include driving with multiple friends or family in the car or listening to music too loudly. 
  • Use Turn Signals: Your teenager must also understand the importance of using the appropriate turn signals while driving. Turn signals let other drivers know when you're changing lanes or turning. Signaling can help reduce the risk of a crash.
  • Always Buckle Up: Talk to your teenager about the importance of wearing a seatbelt while driving. Seatbelts save lives because they provide substantial protection when involved in an accident. It's important to tell your teenager that you should always have your seatbelt on no matter how far or fast you're going. 
  • Restrict Night Driving: Night driving can be more dangerous to teen drivers than experienced drivers. Most fatal teenage accidents happen at night, often involving speeding, reckless driving, or drinking. Limiting night driving can help prevent accidents and keep your teen safe.

Why It's Important To Hire A Spartanburg Car Accident Attorney

Hiring a Spartanburg car accident attorney is important if your teen has been involved in a car accident. An attorney will provide experienced legal representation and will assess the details of the accident and advise you on the best approach for your case. 

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